Friday, July 13, 2012

Greek Journey

Last week, before leaving for New York, I was revising a long poem about Odysseus.  The editor couldn't bring herself to reject the poem, but thought I could improve upon it with some work.  So . . . I worked on it and I appreciated her editorial comments for coaxing the poem toward publication.

Sometimes, these conversations with editors are journeys in themselves.  There is give-and-take, suggestion-and-comment, and trial-and-error.  In the end, one hopes to have a decent poem in print.

I'm always grateful for editors who have an opinion, who make suggestions for improvement.  They are like Tiresias, the blind prophet of Hades who guided Odysseus through the underworld.

I often feel I'm in the dark, too.  And it helps to have a companion to guide the way.

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