Friday, April 13, 2012

National Poetry Month

Yesterday I received a very nice (and touching) correspondence from a favorite poetry editor who wrote to inform me that she was stepping away from her post to accept a new position.  As if this were not enough to toss me into a funk, she proceeded to tell me how much she had enjoyed my poetry (both published and not) and thought I always displayed a "delightful turn of phrase".  I know it's just an author/editor relationship, but I felt like crying.

This news also reached me during National Poetry Month (April), when many poets attempt to write a poem a day.  And, since I actually do write a poem a day, I thought I'd use some of the remaining days of April to post some of, what I consider to be, my best unpublished poetry.  

I'll begin on Monday.

Over the weekend, I'll begin the process of gleaning my poetry trove--now thousands of pages--and see if I can't unearth some of the gems hidden among the hunks of coal.  I've got poems I didn't know I had, and hundreds I can't remember writing, and surely among that many I can find a few that still sing.

I'll also do my best to find an array of themes--some romantic, some insightful, some spiritual--that show promise.

National Poetry Month. April.

Ah, but it was wonderful when the editor closed her correspondence by saying, "Go ahead, for now, and send me more of your work."  Guess she wants to read more of my poems while she has the position . . . and the helm.

Thanks, Susan.  I wish you the best.  

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