Monday, April 30, 2012

April Showers

Each month I try to take stock of my writing progress, and here on the tail of April I note that the month has resulted in decent output.  Kind of like a gumball machine.

I've written five book reviews, two essays, and two devotions--all published (or slated for publication) . . . and like the green and yellow and blue gumballs scooting down the chute, there were plenty of pieces that were produced but just didn't make the grade this time out.  I'll have to chew on these for a bit longer until I can work up the consistency to blow a bubble of words.

In addition, there are plenty of ideas that continue to grab my imagination and keep me up nights. 

Once, last week, I even dreamed a poem--and a rather good one--and when I woke I wrote it down.  A paper and pencil next to the bed is a good thing, and as soon as I can interpret my notes I'll know what I have. 

Wy&th* Bl74tyehl You Evczxly Nou1tes Mhbmm, I do glwouply gloop slymklyshouldbefoououeroumkly.

I'm ready for May.  And with two graduations and a wedding fast approaching, I should be able to find plenty of fodder.

Thanks for reading.

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