Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Following our recent vacation in Michigan, I returned home to write a series of articles for an outdoor magazine.  (I was forbidden by my wife to write while on vacation this year--she had to have all of me--and hence the need to abstain from writing until I was safely at home hunkered under my twenty-five watt bulb.)

But earlier this week I submitted the first of my articles . . . and an accompanying series of photos which I thought would illustrate the writing.  Now the editor has written back and asked for me to provide captions for the photos.  This is a first for me . . . article & caption.  Holy cow!  I'm becoming a writer, Auntie Em!

Although the photos below are not for the pieces I'm writing, I thought I'd try my hand at caption-writing as practice.  This is a new venture for me, but perhaps I can cut my teeth on some of the photos I've snapped in the past few weeks.

Caption:  Sunset at South Haven: shot taken from the upstairs balcony of the over-priced rental where the wife asked each evening, "Would you like to take a walk on the beach?" (which the author learned later was a code phrase for a sexual invitation . . . but how could he possibly know this when the word "beach" is included and, you know . . . he's actually ON THE BEACH!)

Caption:  The Tall Ship (Friends Good Will) rigged by the author's wife and daughter and other family (which also helps to explain why the author doesn't understand "beach" references when there's a full house and he is not actually alone in the beach rental).

Caption:  The kitchen renovation, pre-vacation . . . and a sure-fire way to go broke in less than three weeks.

Caption:  The writer (fifteen pounds heavier pre-vacation) and his adoring woman.  (Wife is located in background, far right . . . w a y b a c k t h e r e.)  NOTE:  Author's gut courtesy of The Gap, Men's Warehouse, and Pizza Hut.

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