Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Red Eye

I feel as though I am developing a serious bought of red eye. The reason?  After reading so many books to review, and now proof-reading another galley book manuscript, the eyes get a bit weary.  Thousands of words have a tendency to run together and in short time the brain begins to grow numb.

My wife, of course, accuses me of having a numb brain all the time.  I haven't the heart to tell her that it is associated with all of the words.  I'll let her have her fun thinking I am a numbskull.

Oddly enough, after a recent vision check-up, I learned that my distance vision has vastly improved since my last exam.  In fact, the optometrist noted I could probably pass my driver's exam without glasses . . . something I have not been able to do for at least two decades.  I'm not 20-20, but getting closer.

My reading-distance vision, however, is getting worse.  I attribute this to my reading and writing hours, and to the fact that I no longer have the ability to check food labels and have, in recent weeks, taken to eating cans of dog food.  The stuff isn't bad, especially with the gravy warmed, and I'm sure the protein content is greater than, say, a can of SPAM (which is 50% sodium). 

I wonder . . . could I write an article about living on dog food?  Surely there's an audience out there somewhere for this style of journalism. 

Until then . . . bon appetite.

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