Monday, July 15, 2013

Book Cover

Working with a publisher to create a book cover is a fascinating process . . . especially when, as the author, I have some creative license.  Not that I need a license.  I operate lots of heavy machinery, and a wife, without one . . . but when it comes to book covers license is a marvelous thing.

I have ideas for book covers actually, but I'm running out of dedications.  I could dedicate another book to Becky, but I've done her already, and she's probably getting tired of seeing her name bantered around inside the copyright page.  I could do my kids . . . but since I've done them, too, and they are now old enough to know better, I'm not sure their association with their father would be a boon to their careers.  And as for my parents and in-laws, they are getting too old to read (or even to care about reading) and thus I just don't see the point of wasting a page.

I've spun through my wash cycle of dedications, but book covers are another story.  I could use a photo, or a painting, or work up a simple but elegant computer-generated color scheme.  Or I could give all of the creative energy back to the publisher (which I usually do).

But for some reason, I'd like to have a hand in creating one book cover.  I'd like to be able to say:  See that cover there?  The one with the clown face?  Well, I designed that and ain't it a beauty?

I also hope to enlarge my name on the cover.  Like Stephen King.  Or Dan Brown.  Notice how their names outshine the titles of their books?  Or do you notice things like this?  I'm surprised some authors don't insist that the book title appear on the back cover only . . . with their names plastered on the front. 

Maybe that's my angle.  Not sure.

Soon and very soon I'm going to create a book cover, though.  I nice one.  I'm going to insist on it.  I'll put my foot down.

Probably in a pile of manure . . . which gives me another idea . . . .


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