Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Games People Play

I'm not certain when I began . . . but I've been playing games with myself for decades.  Let me explain.

Time was, years ago, when I would play basketball by myself for hours.  The only way to make this "practice" tolerable was to play self-competitive games.  I'd shoot a hundred free throws as player "A", for example, and then try to see if player "B" could better it.  Same with hook shots, or three-pointers, or even trick shots from behind the backboard.  Later, when I could jump, I'd have dunk competitions against myself.  Could I dunk off the bounce?  Or from a toss off the backboard?  Or 360-spin (no, never could!)?

Now that I'm old and gray I'm still playing games.  Usually it involves writing.  Some of my games go like this:
How many pages can I write today?  Can I better myself tomorrow?
How many editors can I contact this month?  Can I set a record next month?

Earlier this morning I also played a game.  I came to the end of my writing time, but still had ten minutes in which to write two brief columns--150 words each.  I set the clock and began.  Type.  Type.  Revise.  Type.  Type.  Revise.  Type.  Revise.  Type.  Type.  DONE!

Listen, if you need motivation, make a game of it.  The way I figure it, I just made $40 in ten minutes . . . not huge money, but when you multiply it by-the-hour, it ain't bad.

I only wish I had more games to play.  I can't dunk anymore, and Lord knows I can only dribble in the bathroom. 

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