Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fiction at the Speed of Light

Last night I submitted several science fiction stories to magazines, literally, around the world.  It's amazing what can be accomplished now with the click of a button . . . and at the speed of light.

I sent one story to London, another to Sydney, Australia, yet another to Los Angeles, and a fourth to an unspecified location somewhere over the Alps (maybe).  Who knows, maybe one of these editors will see the light.

Funny thing about my science fiction . . . I'm rapidly closing in on having enough of these in published form to compile a book of collected stories. And I hope I can.  I think I've got some good'ns. 

How's this for descriptive form:

A story about a ranching outpost on a distant planet where one displaced Earth ranch-hand encounters squatters and attempts to displace them in wild-west fashion, but with disastrous consequences.

A tale about a space mission gone awry, only to be saved by a tiny black pill that one crew member swallows per instruction inside the emergency kit.

A futuristic foray into a depleted world where men no longer buy sex, but conversation by the word.

A story about a radiation engineer who must decide whether to sacrifice his life to save a city or return to the woman he loves.

A legal thriller anchored by a nine-hundred year old barrister who specializes in representing indigenous species discovered on other planets, and who accepts uninhabited worlds as payment in kind. 

And these are some of my unpublished tales.  Any editors out there interested?  

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