Friday, January 11, 2013


I don't often enter literary contests . . . but when I do, I prefer parody contests, as they keep me thirsty, my friends . . . thirsty for laughs.

Well, but I am entering a literary contest this year:  my first in many a moon.  But, in this case of the parody contest, I think I have a decent chance.  I'm going with my parody of the poetry of Robert Service, "Poet of the Yukon".  And if you've never read Service, or heard some of his poems, he's a most interesting poet--a man's poet.  A hearty poet.  A guy who wrote about real men doing dangerous things in the frozen north while freezing their dingos off and drinking Vodka straight from the jar and trapping beavers in sub-zero temperatures.

Service wrote about tough men doing tough things in foul weather.  And well . . . I can' pass that up, my friends.  I've got more poetry parodying Robert Service than I can shake a swizzle stick at. 

Come Saturday morning I'll be sending out my entry fee and my best three parodies, and then I'll keep my fingers crossed.  One thing's for sure.  Even if I don't win, some unsuspecting editor is going to laugh his hienie off when he gets to mine (LOL).  This magazine wants parody?  They're going to get it.

No, I don't always write parody . . . but when I do, I prefer Robert Service.  Stay thirsty my friends!  Thirsty for laughs.


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